Building and Health Permits

“We do the job that no other company wants to do we get the Temporary Kitchen Health Permit”

1. We submit copies of all detail plans. **Includes plot plan, site plan, sectional drawings, cut sheet, spec sheets, finishing schedule, electrical and plumbing plans. **In addition if you are using tent/buffet line additional drawings will be needed. 2. We provide details of SOP’s during renovation. ** SOP’s are standard operating procedures. How the food is going stored, transported and to served to the public. ** Location of mop sinks, employee locker rooms, food storage and employee restrooms. ** Waste Filtration System hook up location i.e. Grease Interceptor. 3. Building & Safety Space Allocation ** Firewalls a fireproof barrier used to prevent the spread of fire between or through buildings or structures. ** Setbacks building and zoning. ** Easements sewer, water and electrical. ** Egresses rights to exit the building in case of emergency. 4. Completion of all Temporary Kitchen Construction Documents.