Customer Installation Requirements

Long Term (Longer than 6 months) – High Volume Food Service.

1. Temporary Electrical Power 1,500 amp to 3,000 amps, Electrical Power Distribution Supplies, Electrical Temporary Power Poles, Transformers and Temporary Power Meter (Supplied by Utility Provider).

*** Power usage depends on how the food will cooked i.e. propane, electric or natural gas.

Temporary Power Box (Supplied By Local Utility)
Temporary Power Pole
Temporary Power

2. Horizontal Propane (LPG) Tank or Natural Gas Installation; Placed in Underground ditch and installed by licensed contractor.

*** Propane usage depends on what type of power is being used to cook the food i.e propane, electric or natural gas.

Temporary Propane Services

3. Fire Sprinklers; Fire Risers, Control Valves, Sprinkler Heads and Main Shut off Valve (C16 Contractor) Sprinklers are intended to either control or suppress fires.

*** Fire Sprinklers maybe be required when “modular buildings” are used in conjunction with kitchen trailers. Modular buildings have a state insignia that has an occupancy load and that occupancy load along with local county fire officials determine the use of fire safety systems.

4. Ingress and Egress, Fire & Safety illuminated or painted illustrations.

*** Lighted Exit Signs, Fencing, Concrete road blocks and other type of entry and exit barriers.

Exit Signs
Concrete Road Barriers

5. Security; Security Guard or Video Surveillance.

*** Video Surveillance is almost always required for state facilities. Security is almost always necessary for all other temporary food facilities.

Video Surveillance

6. Plumbing, Fresh Water and Waste Filtration Systems.

*** Plumbers can be used to install larger horizontal propane gas tanks or tie into existing natural gas facilities. A grease interceptor is mandatory when accessing public sewage systems.

Plumbing & Water Filtration System
Fresh Water Hook UP
Grease Interceptor

7. Permit Fees; Plumbing, Electrical, Structural, Mechanical, Building and Safety and Environmental Health Department and other.

*** Not obtaining proper permits ahead of time is the number #1 reason for projects to have negative financial implications.

Residence Inn Marriott Temporary Dinning
ADA Compliant Ramps
Air Conditioning

Our Prices

Mobile Kitchen Price Monthly Start @ $4,950
Mobile Kitchen Price Weekly Start @ Call
Mobile Kitchen Price Daily Start @ Call
Temporary Kitchen Facility: Mobile Kitchen, Dish-washing Unit and Refrigeration Unit Price Monthly Start @ Call
Temporary Dinning Room Facility (12 x 60 to 144 x 60) Price Monthly Start @ Call
Temporary Dinning Room Facilities Assorted Price Monthly Start @ Call
Mobile Dish-washing Trailer Price Weekly Start @ Call
Mobile Dish-washing Trailer Price Monthly Start @ Call
Refrigeration Trailers Start @ Call
Electrical Kitchens Start @ Call
Ramp Rentals Start @ Call