Design and Build Advantages

“At TEMPORARY KITCHENS 123 our goals is to make you an expert in modular construction!”

  • Temporary Kitchen 123 design build module saves your company over all construction time.
  • The Design and Build concept allows Temporary Kitchens 123 to cut cost in real time.
  • Single Point of Responsibility; no more dealing with Managers, Architects, Engineers and Contractors.
  • With Temporary Kitchens 123 design build you get one single point of contact and contract.
  • The lines of communication are better between contractor, owner and his or her staff; less layers of rhetoric!
  • The contractor assumes most of the risk. The owner has less risk from change orders and construction delays.
  • In the beginning the owner is able to establish upfront cost with less risk of change orders.
  • Temporary Kitchens 123 be self motivated in completing its planning, compliance and permitting.
  • Design and Bid needs to be monitored; and is more costly with more change orders with a longer over all construction time.

Our Prices

Mobile Kitchen Price Monthly Start @ $4,950
Mobile Kitchen Price Weekly Start @ Call
Mobile Kitchen Price Daily Start @ Call
Temporary Kitchen Facility: Mobile Kitchen, Dish-washing Unit and Refrigeration Unit Price Monthly Start @ Call
Temporary Dinning Room Facility (12 x 60 to 144 x 60) Price Monthly Start @ Call
Temporary Dinning Room Facilities Assorted Price Monthly Start @ Call
Mobile Dish-washing Trailer Price Weekly Start @ Call
Mobile Dish-washing Trailer Price Monthly Start @ Call
Refrigeration Trailers Start @ Call
Electrical Kitchens Start @ Call
Ramp Rentals Start @ Call